Directory of Meeting Planners and Event Planners Associations

This is a list of websites, links, associations, and resources designed specifically for professional speakers and authors who already have a professional speaker’s kit and a clearly defined message and speaking topics.


This list of associations, organizations, and websites was compiled as a Bonus Resource for our Marketing Mastermind Members who want to expand the number of speeches they give each year, sell more books and courses, and reach more people with their message. If you are not a Marketing Mastermind Member, apply for membership today.


Want to hear an audio overview of how to best use this directory of meeting and event planners? Just click the play button and hear Author and Speaker Bart Baggett give you some tips on utilizing this page:

Get to Know Your Meeting & Event Planner

Before you begin calling, snail mailing, or pitching yourself to meeting planners, consider attending a convention and really understand who they are as individuals and what type of person becomes a professional meeting planners. Once you understand their motivations, you will be able to connect with a high level of respect and rapport. Remember, when booking paid lectures, the meeting planner is YOUR CUSTOMER, not the audience. All your marketing material has to sell the meeting planner, not impress the audience. The audience will never see your Speaker Flyer.

Here are some facts you might want to know about the average meeting planner in the USA.

Experienced, salaried meeting producers can earn from $40,000 to $75,000 per year.
Nationally, the average salary for independent planners in 2000 was $60,230. (The Meeting Professional)

However, the person you might be pitching could be making a lot less:

According to the 2001 Wage and Benefit Survey of Southern California Nonprofit Organizations, entry level non-supervisory (“D”) development coordinators (including special events planning and coordinating) earn a median of approximately $27,500 per year. Level “C” non-supervisory development coordinators earn from approximately $31,200 to $39, 200 with a median of $34,200 per year.

In other words, realize that your “speaking fee” might be the same amount as this person’s entire month’s SALARY… so put that into perspective when framing your fee structure, your “free books”, and your travel time. Be sensitive and appreciative. This person who makes 1/10th of your annual salary has the power to write you a check for $15,000…. if she likes you and goes to bat to book you. Build relationships.

Directory of Associations, websites, and Organizations with members who can hire and pay you to speak:


Professional Convention Management Association http://pcma.org/
http://pcma.org/connect-and-grow/chapters#.U5nD0S_rCzA (Local Chapters)


(Review these two PDF files and get to know the members)

American Society of Government Meeting Professionals http://www.sgmp.org/

* Note. I spoke at the ASGMP at one of their annual conferences over 14 years ago. This one lecture resulted in over 22 solid written testimonials on company letterhead and many other bookings. It is a great place to showcase your keynote and the audience is filled with nothing but people who can hire you for future lectures

International Society of Meeting Planners http://www.ismp-assoc.org

Meeting Planners International http://www.mpiweb.org/ (Find the local chapters in your area.)

Association of Meeting Professionals http://www.ampsweb.org/

Event Planners Association http://eventplannersassociation.com/meeting-planner-association-professional-meeting-planners-corporate-meeting-planners/

Association of Meeting Professionals http://www.ampsweb.org/

Event Planners Association http://eventplannersassociation.com/
International Society of Meeting Planners http://www.ismp-assoc.org

Destination Marketing Association Marketing / Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau http://www.destinationmarketing.org/

Western Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus http://www.wacvb.com/
Texas Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus https://www.tacvb.org/

Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureaus

Find The Convention and Visitors Bureau in your area
Google Search: https://www.google.com/search?q=convertion+and+visitors+bureuas+association

Hospitality Sales & Marketing Associations http://hsmai.org
Meeting Conference http://www.meetconference.com/

Finance and Insurance conference Planners http://www.ficpnet.com/

International Association of Venue Managers http://www.iavm.org/

National Association for Catering and Events http://www.nace.net/

National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners http://www.ncbmp.com/welcome.asp

Christian Meetings & Conventions Association http://www.christianmeeting.org/custom/suppliers/planner_list.cfm

Hospitality Sales and Marketing International http://hsmai.org

International Special Events Society http://www.ises.com/

Society for Human Resource Management http://www.shrm.org/Conferences/SpeakerInformation/Pages/default.aspx http://www.shrm.org/Conferences/SpeakerInformation/Pages/CallsforPresentation.aspx

Association News http://www.associationnews.com/

World Chamber of Commerce Directory https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/chambers
International Public Management Association for Human Resources http://ipma-hr.org/


Other sites you might find useful after you have have the skill-set to use direct mail or exhaust the above resources:


GCG Event Partners http://gcgeventpartners.com/

Continuing Education Inc. (Speak on Sea Cruises) http://www.continuingeducation.net/
Example: http://www.continuingeducation.net/schedule.php?profession=Attorneys
Cruise Lines International Association



Meeting News http:///meetingnews.com

Global Travel Association http://www.gbta.org/Pages/default.aspx
American Society of Associate Executives www.asaenet.org

The Learning Annex http://learningannex.com/sell_your_expertise

Successful Meetings http://www.successfulmeetings.com/

See Calendar for upcoming events http://www.successfulmeetings.com/calendar.aspx

Meetings & Conventions Magazine http://meetings-conventions.com/

The Center for Association Leadership

Convention Industry Council


Here is another place to buy a mailing list of meeting planners for about $1500, minimum:

American Meeting & Event Planners Email List http://lists.nextmark.com/market;jsessionid=53ADB6BE7961A19C8CED2574298F08D9?page=order/online/datacard&id=293837


738944 – EVENTS-SPECIAL ?874206 – PLANNERS-PROFESSIONAL 8742 Management Consulting Services

An email list for purchase emailed exclusively to Key Executives in the Meeting Planner and Travel Incentive sector of the travel industry. This is best use for hotels and travel companies. A speaker flyer might stand out, and it might be a total waste of money. Here are samples of the kind of one-sheet flyers they people on the list are used to seeing. Market to this list with precision, it is not a perfect match of message to market:


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