Tyler Wagner’s Best Selling Book Hangout.

Author and publishing consultant Tyler Wagner was recently interviewed by Bart Baggett as part of the Marketing Mastermind Series.  One of the many resource you might want to utilize is Tyler’s “Google Hangout” about how to go from idea to Best Seller list in 90 Days.

Use the links below to join the conversation and investigate his inexpensive online training course and coaching program.


During the Hang Out, They are  Going To Show You…

paintedcheckmarkThe exact book marketing strategy we’ve used to get every book we’ve ever launched to #1 in AT LEAST two categories on Amazon

paintedcheckmarkStep-by-Step instructions for EVERYTHING you need to do to get your book listed fast

paintedcheckmarkIdentify what you need to write about, how you need to write it, and who you’re writing to

paintedcheckmarkOur trick for picking book categories inside Amazon where you can easily get to #1

paintedcheckmarkOur 8-step method for writing a KILLER introduction that makes people actually want to buy & read your book

paintedcheckmarkHow to recognize the not so obvious tell-tell signs of a bad editor BEFORE you hire them

paintedcheckmarkHow to create a book page that quickly turns browsing eyes into book buyers

paintedcheckmarkOur Social Media ninja marketing tactics that drive engagement, sell your book, and increase your influence.




Want personal coaching on your book with Tyler?  Apply for this consulting program at this link.

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