Welcome to the Program.

platinum coaching program




Welcome to the program.

If you are reading this page your payment was processed and
we need to schedule your first coaching appointment and get
you access to all the “BONUS” stuff you will be using to
enhance your live sessions.


First, please call our office and talk to Christine:


Tell her exactly how technical you are or you are NOT.

She is very patient.

You need three things.


1. Your core Strategy Session with Bart Baggett

2. A user name and password for The Marketing Mastermind Private Facebook Group.

3. A user name and password for your 3 month membership in the Marketing Mastermind Program. If you are already a member, we will cease your automatic billing for 3 months.

4.  We will assign you an accountability coach which best fits your personality.


Let’s get started and welcome aboard.




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