You've seen the video trainings... now shall we get on the phone
and figure out how to get you a tidal wave of NEW clients,
speaking engagements, or book sales?

What if you could have the experience, expertise and insight... not to mention the undivided attention... of a seasoned marketing professional, whose sole intent was to help you uncover the #1 marketing strategy which fits your personality and skill set that will allow to attract all the clients you can handle, fill your seminar seats, and sell books every day on auto-pilot?

And not just an increase in the QUANTITY of clients... but also increase the QUALITY of your clients as well.

By quality I mean clients who absolutely ADORE you... who understand the VALUE of your work... and who can AFFORD to pay you your desired rate, without the DRAMA!

And what if you could get the right strategies customized to your expertise and your skill set? Now, you can. It is called the Client Attration Funnel Blueprint Strategy Session.

I'm here to help and have over 25 years of publishing experience to draw from.. If you want to get on the phone or skype directly with me, I can answer some key questions and help you decide the most effective marketing strategy to help you reach your goals as a non-fiction author, speaker, coach or consultant.

I've instructed my team to set time aside 2 time slots each week to help a non-fiction author or content matter expert. They fill up fast and I will want you to answer a couple of question before we meet.

In less than 30 minutes, I can usually discover and share with you the #1 point of leverage in your business that will allow you to have all the clients you can handle and give your MORE FREEDOM for yourself and your family.

I call this a Client Attration Funnel Blueprint Strategy Session . It's only for prospective long term clients and during this call we will:

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YES BART! I'm ready to create a truly automated marketing system that will attract more potential clients, allowing me to make a more significant impact (and income) with my books and overall business. I'm ready to get some strategic coaching and really launch my career.

Grab Your Private, 1-on-1 Strategy Session For FREE.

Yep. Free.

I used to insist on a $97 fully refundable "appointment deposit." But, I have had 100% of the people book and keep their appointment time, so there is no fee and no deposit required. Just keep your integrity and we will get together to see if I can help you.

I look forward to speaking with you in person.

Bart Baggett

P.S. If you are fiction author or you simply don't want one-on-one business coaching in this format, simply press the "No Thanks" link here.  At this time we are only taking private coaching sessions from non-fiction authors, business owners, content matter expers, and speakers. We do not work with fiction authors.

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