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Discover the Secrets to Writing and Publishing Your First Book (Without Losing Your Shirt, Your Mind, or Your Money.)

Hosted by book experts Bart Baggett and B. Chrisman


Topic: Top 20 Questions about Writing and Publishing Your First Book
Presenter: Bart Baggett & Beth Chrisman
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Discover answers to the TOP 20 frequently asked questions about publishing your first book, becoming a best seller, and not losing your shirt while doing it.

Tap into over 20 years of publishing experience and get ANSWERS to the key questions you need to answer before you publish your next book.  Whether you are considering self-publishing, Amazon Kindle publishing, or getting a NY agent… this 75 minute event is for you.

We will cover everything from getting an agent, self-publishing, printing on demand, and the new opportunities in Kindle’s Amazon platform.  All real questions from real people.  Sign up now and you will get the REPLAY link to download.



Here are just some of the questions we will answer ….


Is it possible to self-publish with print-on-demand service  and become best-seller on Amazon?


Is an literary agent the only way one can get a book published?


Hi I’ve already written my book with out any thought of whom my niche market is or who will by it, because I am passionate  about the topic. So now what do I do now that my book is going for finial editing and  then on to the printer, to make sure that it  will become a best seller? or is it “doomed”  to the second hand market?


I’ve got an idea and an outline. Do I wait until I finish before I
make talk to publishers. And how important is it to have an agent represent you.


What’s an easy way for a self-published author like myself
to get free space on radio stations?


How important is cover design on digital bookshelf –
is it worth spending $1k or more and who do you recommend?


I have a great idea but am overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.


Hi, Please discuss how to select a publisher. (They select you… you select an agent.)

How to negotiate fees/payment for work. (The agent will do that for you.)
If you self-publish, you will pay for work (editors, designers, etc. Shop around.)
What are your thoughts on writing and  promoting ebooks since so
many people download books to Nooks and Ipads  instead of the hard copy.


And many, many more….

Bart Baggett

Bart Baggett is a best selling author and serial entrepreneur. He owns four companies and consults aspiring and successful authors, speakers, coaches, and intellectual luminaries who actually believe they can change the world through their ideas and words. He host the Luminary Mastermind programs and lives in Los Angeles, CA USA.

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