Best Seller & Beyond Coaching Program

 Who Else Wants to Be A Credible Published Best- Selling Author?

We believe “Everyone has a story to tell.”

This program will help you get your story told,
your book written, published, and heard by the world.

Unfortunately, most people die with their
book still stuck inside their head and the idea of a book
is just another “One Day, I’m gonna write a book…” pipe-dream.
All the “good intentions” simply are not enough to get
that book written, published, and distributed to a worldwide audience.
You need guidance and motivation… this is that program.

If you are a person with a message to share with the world, a person who has the
ability to CHANGE LIVES with your knowledge… this program will open your
eyes and help you build your brand using the power of a book as the first step to
having a long term business relationship with you, the top of mind expert.


Do you want to see another year go by with
your dream of writing that book go unfulfilled?
(Us either… let us help you).


I know how easy it  can be to get that book written AND get it published on Amazon in a few short weeks… especially with the help of our coaches cheering you on!


What you need is a step-by-step system to write, create, organize, and publish

your book under  the guidance of us…your book writing coaches.


Answer these questions:

• Have you always wanted to write a book, but get stuck?
•Do friends tell you should write a book, but the task seems overwhelming?
•Do you have wisdom, advice or expert information that you don’t know how to make money from?
•Have you started a book (or boo ks) and not finished a single one?

Then let us coach you through a quick and easy process to get your
book finished and published in just 8 short weeks.

Yep… 8 short weeks. 


Imagine getting personal coaching each week with
the right strategies, tools, and advice when you need it.

This program will help you get your book written,
published (via Amazon or in print or both),
and on the way to the best seller list… and beyond.

The program is  officially open for applications on a
first come-first serve basis.  We are very selective about
which authors we select we also have a waiting list for
spot to become available.  We want highly motivated
“coach-able” clients that will become our next big success stories.


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bartbaggettphotoBart Baggett has written and published numerous books in hard copy as well as online and his books are distributed internationally (17 countries).   He published his first book in 1993 and all his books have sold over 50,000 copies worldwide and generated millions of dollars in revenue.  Plus, his latest effort to distribute his books on the  Kindle platform resulted in an Amazon #1 best seller for his category in just 3 days.  What most people don’t realize is that Bart turned that first $16 book into a million dollar publishing businesses with fans and distributors worldwide.  He will be your strategist and work hand-in-hand with Beth Chrisman during the training calls and select coaching calls.  Mr. Baggett has the unique perspective of not only writing and promoting a best selling book; he also has experience dealing with agents, managers, film and  TV producers, speakers, and internet marketing strategist.  If he can’t find a solution to your challenge, he can pick up the phone and find the answer quickly using his 20 year network of friends and business associates.

Let’s face it… If you didn’t need a little extra COACHING, you would already have your book written and it would be an Amazon Best Seller.  So, read on to discover why this program might be a perfect fit for you.



With the help of our  trained coaches…

paintedcheckmarkYou will experience success with every step of your book writing experience and never feel STUCK again.

paintedcheckmark You will accomplish tasks weekly that make your book “fall into place” easily.

paintedcheckmarkYou will have help with title, subtitle, introduction, table of contents, legal information, chapter structure including introductions and conclusion as well as your index.

paintedcheckmarkYou will also gain specific strategies in designing your book to make money and build your fan base worldwide.

paintedcheckmarkYou will know without a shadow of a doubt who your market is, how many people are interested in your topic, and exactly how to find them the day you are published.

paintedcheckmarkYou will leverage your book to create the recognition & respect you desire.

paintedcheckmarkYou will learn marketing strategies to help open doors to you as a speaker, consultant, coach, or TV guest… and get paid handsomely while doing it.

paintedcheckmarkYou will discover 3 easy ways to convert your knowledge into other products and services such as a membership site, home study course, seminars, webinars, or newsletters.

If you are ready to write, publish, and LAUNCH your book in 8 weeks or less, join the Best Seller and Beyond program today.

Here is an outline of what you get in each of the live class training modules .

The Best Seller & Beyond Coaching Program Breakdown

Week 1:  Why write a book, the topic of your book, how to get started and write your book.

Week 2:  Finalizing your title and subtitle.

Week 3:  Proper structure of your book.

Week 4:  Edit, format and publish.

Week 5:  Easy marketing to prepare for launch date.

Week 6:  Easy marketing to prepare for launch date.

Week 7:  How to launch your promo period.

Week 8:  Beyond best seller & course wrap-up.


Once your application is accepted you can schedule your one-on-one
consult and get the ball rolling right away.

Recommended Program Offer:
We strongly recommend taking this course before or at the same time as you are writing and publishing your book. This will make your coach’s job much easier because the course contains over 15 hours of instruction.


Remember, Bart and Beth took the book Handwriting 101 to best seller status in less than
3 days and their combined publishing experience of over 30 years will carve years off your learning curve.

In just 2 months you can have your book written and published to Amazon.  However, if you need 4 months… no problem.
We are here to support you.

The time is now to get your book on Amazon and share your story.

Make your dream a reality today – see your book for sale on the Amazon
website and think about how having a book with your face on the cover will affect the rest of your life.


Best Seller  and Beyond Program.

One-on-One – 12  One-on-One Personalized Coaching Sessions over 4 Months – $4997 in addition to the live Mastermind  Group classes.

* The one-on-one personalized coaching includes up to 6 months of the “Marketing Mastermind Group Coaching” sessions  as a free bonus and you can have a business partner or spouse attend the classes and one-on-one sessions at no additional fee.  This option is broken down into two key parts. 1. Writing Your Book 2. Publishing &  Promoting Your Book.  This is the “hands-on” attention you require if you have been stuck in the past and want to be held accountable to complete this project.  You can do it in 8 weeks, or 12 week, or 4 months… it is up to your schedule.

You must be approved through a strategy session before you can get enrolled.

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