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This is the place you can post your questions to Bart Baggett about book marketing or marketing in general. Because Mr. Baggett charges $500-$1000 per consulting hour, if you can get some advice on this free Q & A board, you will have received a great value for investing a few minutes typing a question and perhaps buying one his best selling books. If you want more personalized interaction or consulting (in a timely and customized manner), please contact his Los Angeles office. These two books and courses are recommended reading .


One thought to “Reader Questions and Answers”

  1. Michael Golvach

    How to Market Your Book, Sell More Books on Kindle, Become a Best Seller.

    Hi there,

    I purchased the book on how to get authentic amazon reviews and do promotions and it mentions facebook and twitter, but I didn’t see any examples of how to do this with twitter, perhaps making a tweet which links to a tumblr page or other web page?

    Do you have any examples of how you would modify the included sales email from the book to be used in a Twitter tweet?

    Thanks, and thank you, also, for writing such an excellent book!

    , Mike

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